2017 makes: Gifts, part II

Today is a very big celebration for the Orthodox Church. We celebrate the Assumption of Virgin Mary into Heaven. Both of my daughters are named Maria, but also have another name so as not to confuse them…I have always liked two names and even before they were born, I knew that I wanted them to have two.There are many celebrations for the name Mary in Greece but the biggest of all is on the 15th of August.

Back to what this post is about….

The following picture shows a cushion  (wink) I made for an old lady who lives in Crete. I had wanted to make something for her for quite a while but since we only go there once a year and I always left it till late, never had the opportunity to make a little something. The quality of the photo is not very good and it lacks natural light, but that was just what I managed to take before I gave it to her. Since she is a very hospitable person and her house is always full of people, I thought this Lori Holt pattern would be the most appropriate and representative and I am glad she really liked it….


The following …..cushion was made for a very special baby that was born on the very first day of spring!!! She was a premmie and her parents had to go back and forth to the hospital for 2 or 3 times a day and it was very sad that they couldn’t enjoy their first days all together as a family. Thankfully this situation didn’t last long and they were all united in their beautiful home. Her name has not been decided upon yet, her parents are still considering options, which made me swerve away from my initial thought… I was also thinking of making a bunting to accompany it but thought that could be done at a later time, when she will no longer be baby girl S.


Yet another baby girl was born earlier in the year and she, too, was also very very special…. You see she was so lucky as to be born and immediately given away for adoption to a very loving couple that had been longing for her to come and complete their family.  She really and truly is a baby of the heart!!! Naturally, the first thing that came to my mind was the following bunting…..


and also made the following …cushion with coordinating fabrics to decorate her room with. The pattern for this cushion was also taken from Sedef’s book (@downgrapevinelane), like the one that was shown in the previous post. The dresdens were hand-sewn together, and the quilting was also made by hand….


I think I should put an end here, I will get back with more 2017 makes once I sort my photos out. After all, it is a way for me to keep track of what I am making…..




2017 Sewing Makes: Gifts, part I

I have been longing to have a blog for ages…I made a very timid attempt about 18 months ago and never gave it another shot, although it was something that occupied my mind on a regular basis. Fingers crossed, this time I will be constant. This year has been quite a hard one for me in terms of health issues and as I am speaking I find myself bedridden due to a nasty fifth metatarsal fracture…which makes me not a very pleasant sight, I am afraid… Anyhow, me getting down to start writing on my blog is certainly the best thing that could come out of it.

2017 has been a rather good year, in terms of me sewing. The majority of the things I have made have been gifted, as always, and the photos I have managed to take may not be of a very good quality but I intend to work on that one…after all I will have to be posting them here from now on.

The following 2 projects were made for a baby boy’s christening. We didn’t attend it but since we were invited, we felt it was appropriate to gift something. The first picture shows a banner I made with the baby’s s name on (Christos in Greek). You can enjoy my balcony view but unfortunately the photo does not show the newly painted railings that were made late in July.


The second picture  is a floor cushion I made for him. He is about 18 months now so I think that he will enjoy it as he sits on his bedroom floor and plays with his toys. The colours were chosen so as to complement the banner. I love the checked light green and blue fabric, it used to be a clothing item of mine (pajamas) which I never wore much as they didn’t fit me anymore and I had been waiting like mad to make something out of it!! All other fabrics were chosen from my stash. I just loved the end result and so did my girls….20170707_115751

These two projects are very dear to me!! I knew right from the beginning that I wanted to make 2 similar like cushions, one for a present and the other for us to keep. Little did I know, of course that things do not always go according to plan….The one I was planning to keep was the one on the left, because of the light blue background fabric that I abolutely love!!! I know the green one is a much better background colour choice, but still, this is what I had in mind. The pattern is one of Sedef Imer’s (@downgrapevinelane) projects from her lovely book Quilt Petite : 18 Sweet and Modern Mini Quilts and More, which you can find here.


Once I decided it was imperative I got down to completing the present and after I got absolutely mad with Aurora Singer (my sewing machine) for not being a very obedient lass, I had a difficult time hand-sewing the zipper and the binding. Here is the outcome, for which I immediately fell for….Unfortunately, I was not the only one to have done so, and was instructed to not give it away but make another one instead so as for both of my girls to own. Oh well!! What are the chances…..

2017-07-08 20.51.37

At the beginning I was quite reluctant…after all it was something I had initially put my mind on and did not like the fact that I would have to make another cushion to gift, apart from the 2nd similar cushion top that I had already put aside. But the little voices behind my back were starting to get louder and louder and they started begging and pretty-pleasing me and who can resist their little ones?

The following photo shows another cushion I made so as to gift. It was given to a lady who is absolutely mad about the Little Prince. It is a book I read as a child as well as a few years back, so as to freshen up my memories and also talk about it with my elder daughter who is an avid book reader. Back to the cushion, I thouroughly enjoyed making it; of course Aurora Singer totally let me down and had to turn to a friend in order to let me use her sewing partner. I will have to see into it once I get back to my normal routine after the holidays are over (holidays= definitely not what I am doing right now, but at least I am in my natal city, with all my beloved family and friends).

Let’s see if you can guess what’s coming up next! Yeap, the avid book reader fell for it too and, very nicely I must admit, asked if she could have one in exactly the same fabrics. Who am I to say no? Especially since I adore it!!! I was supposed to start stitching the pattern while we were in Crete but then I had the foot accident and never got round to it….



Can you really tell I looooove cushions? I can’t seem to stop making them and the very first thing that comes to mind when I see something I like is turn it into a cushion.

I think that should be all for now, more girfts are to be shown in another post.




Ο κήπος

2016-04-30 15.40.09Περπάτησαν μαζί, χέρι χέρι, κάτω από τη γεμάτη λουλούδια αψίδα και όταν έφτασαν στο τέρμα του κήπου ο Α.πήγε αριστερά και η Σ. δεξιά και έτσι απλά, οι δρόμοι τους χάθηκαν, για πάντα, δίχως να κοιτάξει ξανά ο ένας τον άλλον, δίχως να ανταλλάξουν ποτέ ξανά μια λέξη.